This Site Can Tell if a Robot Will Take Your Job in The Near Future

Plenty has been made of the imminent threat artificial intelligence poses to humankind, scaring the likes of luminaries Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, who're both convinced it'll be our undoing as a species if we're not careful. However, it's tough to feel that doomed by the prospect of some evil robot uprising when, well, it wouldn't even happen for a long, long time. 

The thing is, AI is already on the verge of jeopardizing many, many peoples' lives -- with technology on course to replace up to 38% of the jobs in the US over the next 15 years. And now, thanks to the cheekily depressing new website "Will A Robot Take My Job?" it's easy to see just how doomed you may be, in terms of your current career.

The site, which was built as a side project by a pair of prolific developers, sources its data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics as well as a comprehensive study that looked at how susceptible some 702 different (and detailed) occupations -- specifically in the US -- are to being automated in the near-ish future. The bad news is, according to the study 47% of the US workforce is at risk. The good news? 53% of us might be ok! Here's a taste of what you may be looking at:

  • Reporters and/or Correspondent: 11% risk
  • Mine Shuttle Car Operator: 37% risk
  • Surgical Technologist: 34% risk
  • Cashier: 97% risk
  • Veterinarian: 3.8% risk
  • Real Estate Agent: 86% risk
  • Insurance Salesperson: 92% risk
  • Commercial Pilot: 55% risk
  • Teacher and/or Instructor: 0.95% risk
  • Actor: 37% risk
  • Chiropractor: 2.7% risk
screenshot Will Robots Take My Job
Screenshot via Will Robots Take My Job

Besides a fresh sense of dread for many, the site also provides intel on the projected positive or negative growth of each occupation by 2024, as well as the its current median income, and number of people who've declared themselves as doing such work as of 2016. 

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