Stanley Tucci Wants to Give You $10,000 to Have the Ultimate Italian Summer

Tucci and S.Pellegrino want Americans to seize the spirit of a truly restful vacation.

Courtesy of S.Pellegrino
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You might have noticed with your vacation days sitting unused, gathering metaphorical dust, that Americans are not great at taking time off from work. Compared to all other industrialized countries in the world, Americans take the fewest days off. Of course, there are several reasons for that, and individual preference ranks low on that list. It's not that we don't want to take time off. It's that the US companies aren't known to make vacations possible for most of the workforce.

Stanley Tucci, an Italian American who has experienced the hustle culture that dominates American summers and the more restful and relaxing Italian summers, has teamed up with S.Pellegrino to help at least one person take an extended vacation. Tucci and the beverage company will be offering one lucky winner $10,000 so that they can have a vacation that embraces the Italian approach of a long and relaxing holiday.

"In Italy, the spirit of summer comes alive in the simple things. It's about the wonderful times spent relaxing outdoors and gathering around the table with family and friends. S.Pellegrino fits naturally into those moments," said Tucci in a statement shared with Thrillist. "While they may be divided on the country's best dish, Italians collectively enjoy an extended summer holiday. This creates an amazing sense of community nationwide. I hope our celebration of this time-honored tradition inspires Americans to give it a try."

You can use the cash to go on a luxurious getaway or give yourself a financial cushion while taking some time off. However you spend it, $10,000 will definitely help you feel a little more at ease. In addition to the cash, the winner of the giveaway will receive a year's supply of S.Pellegrino and S.Pellegrino Essenza to make sure you can enjoy the essence of the Mediterranean without having to get on a plane.

To enter the giveaway, head to You'll be able to enter until June 27. In addition to the grand prize winner, 10 first prize winners will receive a year's supply of S.Pellegrino and S.Pellegrino Essenza.

Even if you don't win the getaway, you can still get some Tucci tips from the S. Pellegrino Instagram. He'll share ways to relax like you are in Italy all summer.

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