Win a Planters ‘Nutstalgia’ Holiday Box Packed with Gifts

There's a retro music video celebrating the season as well.

Courtesy of Planters

Nut company Planters is trying to make your holiday even more special with a gift giveaway inspired by the 1980s. Honing in on the nostalgia of the current moment, Planters assembled boxes full of goodies that will feel like a blast from the past.

The boxes are filled with retro-styled Planters clothing, a classic board game, a Bluetooth cassette boombox, and a classic movie. The items are everything you need to have a delightful, somewhat timeless evening indoors with your loved ones.

Planters didn’t stop there with the holiday festivities, however. The brand also released a music video to “shellebrate” this wonderful time of year. Partnering with musician Reginald VelJohnson, of Family Matters and Die Hard fame, Planters created the song “A Nutty Holiday.” The video is packed with more of the same holiday nostalgia that was put into the gift boxes.

click to play video

To enter to win one of these boxes, head to and enter your information. You have until December 31 to submit your entry. 

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