Wingstop Just Unleashed a New Wing Flavor Inspired by Southern Barbecue

The restaurant's latest sauce draws inspiration from the barbecue traditions of the Carolinas.

When all else fails, grab Wingstop. The fast food chain is dedicated to, you guessed it, chicken wings which you can order in 11 signature flavors. Wingstop recently announced it would add a twelfth option to its varied list, Carolina Gold BBQ.

The new flavor is inspired by the southern BBQ traditions of the Carolinas. The sauce is more sweet than savory, with a mustard base and tangy flavor profile.

You'll be able to order the new flavor across all of Wingstop's chicken offerings, that includes the chicken sandwich, chicken tenders, bone-in wings and boneless wings. You also have the option to order your wings extra crispy, just ask for them well done. Oh, and if you're a big fan of fry seasoning you can ask for more of that as well. At Wingstop, the options are seemingly limitless.

If you're ordering online, you should also be aware that Uber Eats is running a buy-one-get-one free Wingstop chicken sandwich promotion from December 6 through December 19. Because nothing tastes better than free.

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