Olympic Curler's Husband Double-Fists Beers During Her 9am Match

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For those of us not watching from our couches, the PyeongChang Olympics are pretty stressful. The whole world is watching. It turns out curling is pretty hard. Everyone's a world-class athlete, except for this one skier. Some coaches knit to deal with the stress, some athletes think about Reese Witherspoon, and, apparently, family members drink a whole lot.

In the high tradition of Red Gerard's family shotgunning morning beers on the slopes, Shawn Germain was in the stands bright and early to support his wife, Canadian curler Rachel Homan, in a curling match against Japan. Germain dealt with the high-stakes situation as any reasonable spouse would: by double-fisting beers at 9am. As a former EHCL hockey player, he's no stranger to competition and knows that a drinking fan is a good fan.

At least one of his beers may have been celebratory, after the match ended with Japan conceding. Germain later took to Twitter to defend having a beer (or four) during the match, chalking the breakfast-time drinking up to nerves. He also denied reports that he missed the end of the match while waiting in line for more beer.

Canada carried the day on with an 8-3 and was in seventh place as of Tuesday afternoon (United States-time) after losing in its next march against against China. This was a huge win over a second-place Japan and means that Canada may still have a shot at the finals. 

For Germain's sake, we hope those take place a little later in the day.

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