Beer-Wielding Olympian Became an Outstanding Meme During a Hockey Game

scott moir at hockey game

The US women's hockey team won gold Wednesday night for the first time since 1998, the first year women's hockey was an Olympic sport. The relationship between the US and Canadian women's teams is intense, full of alternating international victories, which have skewed more toward the US in recent years with the notable exception of Olympic gold. 

Early in the game, Canadian fans felt the US got a couple soft calls from the refs. (Though, it certainly evened out later in the game with a questionable OT penalty called against the US's Megan Keller and a flagrant non-call when Canadian captain Marie-Philip Poulin made head contact with US forward Brianna Decker.) But as the early parade of power plays for the US was going, one gold medal-winning Canadian ice dancer made his opinion very clear. 

The CBC gave Scott Moir some airtime, and he was seen hanging out with a beer and yelling at refs, like a good Canadian hockey fan. He pretty much instantly became a meme/everyone's favorite hockey fan. (Maybe everyone except Canadian figure skater Patrick Chan, who gave Moir some serious side-eye while Moir was yelling.)

The broadcast in the US probably would have benefited from getting Moir on-screen. He was an outstanding cutaway throughout the game with extravagant emotional displays and some friendly offers of beer for his fellow fans.

Hopefully, Moir is hanging out in the stands for the Canadian men's team's semifinal match against Germany. It'd be a virtue to get more Moir in the broadcast. 

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