A Huge Winter Storm Is Hammering The Southeast This Weekend

It was only three weeks ago that an “Arctic Blast” gripped much of the Northeast, but according to The Weather Channel, Father Winter’s agenda is due southward, as much of the region between Alabama and Virginia is bracing for storm Helena, which should promise to ruin your weekend. 

Helena will prove to be quite the pain in the ass, ushering in freezing cold temperatures and snow that promise to snarl traffic and make staying indoors a necessity. All across the Southeast, temperatures will plummet into the low double digits on one or multiple days this weekend. As Mental Floss notes, the region is due for the kind of snowfall it experiences about once or twice a decade, and freezing temperatures will cause ice build-up in a dozen states.

The Weather Channel advises residents of eastern Louisiana, southern Mississippi and a vast swath of the southeast encompassing the cities of “Birmingham, Atlanta, Greenville/Spartanburg, Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham,” to pay attention to winter storm warnings and to stay home this weekend.

Helena will unleash hell when an eastbound jet stream meets a low-pressure system on Friday afternoon, ensuring that temperatures are cold and that precipitation falls in the “form of snow, sleet, or freezing rain throughout the region,” Mental Floss notes. So yes, if you live in the southeast, cancel your plans and open a book -- you’re going to be indoors for the next 48-hours.

Now, for the sake of posterity, we direct you to this very good tweet, which shows a Raleigh, North Carolina street during the city’s last major snowstorm in 2014. It looks chaotic.

Be safe out there.

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