Wolverine Grows Old in the Dark Red Band Trailer for 'Logan'

While most people grow old as time passes, the characters of the never-ending X-Men series seem to grow younger with each passing sequel, prequel, and reboot. All of them except Wolverine, who has grown into a crusty old man in the first trailer for Logan, the final film of the Wolverine series and Hugh Jackman's final go-round as the mutant loner. 

Featuring Johnny Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt" — one of those songs with the power to make any trailer more riveting — the trailer for the R-rated Logan is dark. Set in 2024, mutants are largely a thing of the past. Apparently, one of the 6,489 plots to eradicate mutants from the world has worked. Or it mostly worked. An aged Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) is still kicking around, being taken care of by Logan and Caliban, played by The Office's Stephen Merchant and only seen briefly here. 

How I spent my summer

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Based on what's come out about the movie so far, Logan is trying to save a little girl (or will she save him? Awww.) who is rumored to be X23, a female clone of Logan. The baddie they're battling? That's Donald Pierce (played by Boyd Holbrook of Narcos), a character who is a member of The Hellfire Club, an organization that was portrayed in 2011's X-Men: First Class, with Kevin Bacon at the center.

It doesn't look like old man Logan has had much reason to go Snikt! in a long time, with the way his knuckles are bleeding as he mournfully looks into the mirror listening to The Man in Black like he just got done with a philosophy class freshman year. The scars also indicate that the healing factor that kept him alive for centuries (probably? Which origin story are we on?) is gone now.

Logan is set to hit theaters on March 3, 2017.

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