Family Freaks the Hell Out and Calls the Cops When a Pod of Whales Swims Under Their Boat

Whales are large. This probably isn't news to you, but when's the last time you were staring one down? They're basically sea monsters. We bring that up because you may be tempted to watch a new video (shown above) and laugh at everyone's reactions, but keep in mind that if a monster were hanging around your little boat, you might lose your cool too.

The incredible clip was shot by Darren Lucianna, who was out on a boating trip with his family in Puget Sound, when a pod of whales started checking out the vessel. The family promptly flipped out. There are a lot of things to love about this video, but maybe the best is the dad's insistence that his family marvel at the sublimity of nature while the rest generally wail and curse. People are audibly crying and someone laments, "I don’t want to die right now."

But the real reason people love this clip is that a woman off camera calls the police. Eventually the whales dive down a bit, and the family insists that the dad start the engine and get them the hell out of there, which he does. But he keeps insisting that they should really take some time to appreciate it. 

"You guys," he says, "it's not scary."


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