Woman Gives Birth on Nightclub Dance Floor, Baby Gets Free Entry for Life

Apparently, you get a lot of perks for giving birth in inappropriate places. Last year a kid born in a Chick-fil-A was offered free food for life, and when a woman gave birth at a Chipotle that same year, the restaurant threw her a huge, burrito-themed party. And now we've learned that going into labor at a club might come with a perk -- your baby could get free entry for life. It happened to a woman on Monday. 

Bouncers at the O’Club in Toulouse, France were probably trained to handle underage party-goers with fake IDs, but they couldn't have prepared for a newborn to enter the scene via birth canal. Employees first noticed the woman at around 5:30am, according to Fox. A bouncer told the club manager that a woman was lying down on the floor. 

How a woman in her latest stage of pregnancy managed to rally at the club longer than your average MDMA user is still unknown, but manager Marie-Helene told CEN that the new mother was looking for a "change of scene." Hey, a trip to the country isn't enjoyable for everybody. Nor is getting a good night's sleep. 

“There were not many people and a bouncer came to see me,” said Marie-Helene. “He said ‘It’s urgent.’ I then saw that she was giving birth.” She said staff called an ambulance and paramedics, who talked the employees through the birth. No report on whether they kept the music bumpin' throughout. 

The baby was subsequently offered free entry for life. 

I guess we should all be loitering in our favorite establishments at the end of our third trimester. If you need me then, I'll be at my loan provider's office. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.