Everyone Be More Like This Lady Climbing a Pier to Save a Seagull Trapped in Plastic

Here are two categories of good person: 1) the kind who goes out of their way to recycle properly and never litters; and 2) the kind who goes out of their way to save animals that are suffering because so many of us aren't the first kind of person. This video is an example of the second kind.

What you're watching is a woman who was on vacation in St. Petersburg, Flordia on January 2 when she came across an extremely upset seagull with plastic caught around its neck. She climbed up one of the pier's columns, took hold of the seagull (which probably wasn't particularly thrilled about that turn of events) and got the plastic off the bird (which probably did thrill it).

Then the bird flew off.

The video was uploaded it to Facebook by Emily Krause with the caption, "Tara Russell saving birds allll 2019 boys!! DON’T LITTER.” That sounds like good advice to us.

People in the second category, we salute you.

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