We Do Not Recommend Trying to Waterski Barefoot

Being an innovator isn't easy. It often means failing, but that's OK as long as no one's around to see it. And if anyone else is around, it's best to at least make sure they're not filming.

For proof of this, consider the video above. This bold woman was trying to bring about a major innovation in waterskiing by forgoing waterskis and shooting along the water on bare feet. While this is certainly commendable, unfortunately for her one of the men on the boat caught the experiment on camera. It is, however, fortunate for us.

In the beginning, it almost looks like she might pull it off, if only because of the raw determination she's exuding as she rides alongside the boat. But no, she makes her gambit to stand at around 18 seconds in, and then she just sort of disappears. She might have arced upward, but who's to say.

The point is this: If you're going to fly too close to the sun, make sure no one has their camera out.


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