Sleep Orgasms Are So Hot Right Now


If there weren't already enough reasons to love sleeping in on the weekends, now everyone's talking about "sleep orgasms."

As the name clearly implies, sleep orgasms are orgasms you have in your sleep. When dudes have them they're typically called wet dreams, but when women go all the way during REM, the more lady-like term "sleep orgasm" applies. Yes, women have sex to completion in dreams too, and that's exactly what the Daily Mail, The Independent, and Broadly have been discussing this week.

Though this isn't new information, older studies published by the Kinsey Institute and the American Psychological Association on sleep orgasms have recently become general knowledge and fodder for Internet chat. These studies claim that 37% of women have had a sleep orgasm by age 45, and that sleeping on your belly could encourage sexual dreams, and therefore stimulate sleep orgasms.

So, ladies, instead of engaging with the horror of the real-world bar scene, maybe just try going to sleep, on your stomach. Hopefully that recurring dream where you forget your homework and your pants ends better this time. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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