Empowering, Feminist & Funny Poster Ideas for the 2019 Women’s March

Controversy won’t slow the Women’s March down. In spite of accusations of anti-Semitism, bullying, and improper management, the third annual march will take Washington, DC on Saturday, January 19. A second march, born out of dissension among the national march’s organizers, will take place in New York City on the same day, along with marches in major cities across the country, like Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and more.

Since confirming that the march would, well, march on in 2019, two of the the national organization’s co-chairs have been accused of making anti-Semitic comments on more than one occasion, which were detailed in a December investigative report by Tablet. The Women’s March said it “[denounces] anti-semitism, and there should be no confusion about that,” but still several organization, including the Democratic National Committee, have withdrawn their support. Regardless, the march is taking place as planned this weekend.

In New York City, the Women’s March Alliance (not affiliated with the national organization) has put together its own march, set to begin near Columbus Circle at 11am. The march will compete with The Women’s Unity Rally, organized by the grassroots group behind the 2017 march in DC, that’s taking place in Foley Square at 11am and running until 1:30pm. Is your head spinning yet?

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Those who wish to participate in demonstrations who are unable to travel to DC or New York are in luck. According to information on Women’s March, Inc.’s website, there are planned demonstrations in just about every state. Most of the events are independently organized, while others were put together with the help of the national organization. We recommend finding dedicated social media pages and checking for updates on your own local march.

If the drama hasn’t put you off attending a march (and it shouldn’t!), you’ll need a sign to carry with you that asserts your stance. Some marchers opt for powerful signs, others take a more feminist route while some go for just plain funny ones. Whatever you decide on, carry that sign with pride and conviction.

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Powerful Women’s March Poster Ideas

No one sign is better than another, but if you’re struggling to find something to puffy paint on your poster board, you can’t go wrong with a powerful message. Your sign will appear in a sea of others, so you’ll want your message to stand out from the rest (or, at least, be in good company). Here are some suggestions:

  • “We Are The Granddaughters Of The Witches You Weren’t Able To Burn”
  • “Being A Woman In The US: 90% Of Rape Victims Are Female. 1 In 5 Women Will Be Raped In Their Lifetime. 33% Of Raped Women Will Contemplate Suicide”
  • “They Tried To Bury Us. They Didn’t Know We Were Seeds”
  • “Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History”
  • “Our Lives Begin To End The Day We Become Silent About Things That Matter”
  • “My Arms Are Tired From Holding This Sign Since The 1960s”
  • “There Comes A Time When Silence = Betrayal”
  • “Make America THINK Again”
  • “Women’s Rights Are Not Up For GRABS”
  • “Build Bridges Not Walls”
  • “I March Because Someone Long Ago Marched For Me”
  • “My Body, My Choice. My Vote, My Voice”
  • “A Woman’s Place Is In The Resistance”
  • “Babes Against Bullshit”
  • “Resist Fear, Assist Love”
  • “I Will Not Go Quietly”
  • “We Are Not Ovary-Acting”
  • “We The People Are Pissed”
  • “My Country Is Better Than This”
  • “Respect All Human Rights”
  • “Made In Vagina”
  • “We Deserve Better”
  • “Misogyny Kills”
  • “Be A Leader Not A Tweeter”
  • “Pup Against Patriarchy”
  • “Public Cervix Announcement: Fuck You”
  • “Don’t Like How We March? Wait ‘Til You See How We Vote”
  • “They Think We’ll Be Good Girls & Go Back To Sleep”
  • “Since I Cannot Deduct My Classroom Purchases...I’m Using Them For This”
  • “Women Are The Wall And Trump Will Pay”
  • “You Haven’t Seen Nasty Yet”
  • “I Can’t Believe I Still Have To Protest This Shit”
  • “You Should Smile Run For Office”
  • “I Love You No Matter What And Will Fight For You No Matter What”
  • “...And If He Builds A Wall I Will Raise My Children To Tear It Down!”
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Feminist Women’s March Poster Ideas

Show them what feminism looks like with these Women’s March sign ideas.

  • “Keep Your Laws Off My Body”
  • “Her Body, Her Choice”
  • “The Future Is Female”
  • “I Am A Powerful Woman”
  • “Viva Vagina”
  • “Fight Like A Girl”
  • “We Should All Be Feminists”
  • “A Woman WILL Be President”
  • “Nasty Women Make (Her)story”
  • “Glass Ceilings Are Meant To Be Broken”
  • “Your Laws Will Destroy The Dreams Of Millions”
  • “Trust Women”
  • “Who Run The World? Girls”
  • “Girl Power”
  • “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights”
  • “Gun Violence Is A Women’s Issue”
  • “My Uterus Is Private Property”
  • “I Am Not Free While Any Woman Is Unfree Even If Her Shackles Are Very Different From My Own…”
  • “I’m With Her”
  • “Fempire Strikes Back”
  • “A Feminist Is Anyone Who Recognizes The Equality And Full Humanity Of Women And Men”
  • “We Are Stronger Than Fear”
  • “Little Girls With Dreams Become Women With Vision”
  • “Support Your Sisters Not Just Your Cis-ters”
  • “My Feminism Will Be Intersectional Or It Will Be Bullshit”
  • “I March For...My Daughter, Her Daughters And Our Mother Earth”
  • “Feminism Is The Radical Notion That Women Are People”
  • “Feminist AF”
  • “Women, Their Rights And Nothing Less”

Funny Women’s March Poster Ideas

You can’t go wrong with humor, even during something as serious as the Women’s March. Make fellow marchers, and observers, laugh and think with these funny (yet oh so powerful) signs:

  • “Uteruses B4 Duderuses”
  • “Thou Shalt Not Mess With Women’s Rights -- Fallopians 4:28”
  • “Even Wine Can’t Fix This”
  • “Super Callous Fascist Racist Sexist Braggadocious”
  • “Obama, Are You Coming Home Soon? The Babysitter Is Weird…”
  • “Super Callous Fragile Racist Sexist Not My POTUS”
  • “Tweet Other The Way You Want To Be Tweeted”
  • “Without Hermione, Harry Would Have Died In Book One”
  • “I’ve Seen Better Cabinets At Ikea”
  • “This Episode Of Black Mirror Sucks”
  • “All in All He’s Just Another Prick With A Wall”
  • “Please Note The Lack of Nazis At Our Marches”
  • “Ugh, Where Do I Even Start?”
  • “Don’t Make Me Into A Damsel In Distress. I’m The Dragon In This Story And I Will Eat You Whole”
  • “Girl, Hold My Earrings”
  • “*Vagina* Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe It’s None Of Your Business”
  • “Saving Space on This Sign For Whatever Dumb Shit The President Does Today”
  • “No Sign is Big Enough to List All The Reasons I’m Here Today”
  • “Keep The Immigrants. Ban The Assholes”
  • “If This March is About Accountability, 57% of White Women Voted For Misogyny”
  • “Eat A Tide Pod, Patriarchy”
  • “Shed Walls, Don’t Build Them”
  • “You Can’t Comb Over Misogyny”
  • “So Bad, Even Introverts Are Here”
  • “I’m Too Worried To Be Funny”

Women’s March Poster Ideas for Men

Men are invited, in fact encouraged, to get in on the action too. Go the extra mile to create the perfect sign that shows you stand with women. Here are a few ideas:

  • “Real Men Are Feminists!”
  • “My Wife Is Pissed”
  • “You Fuck With My Sisters, You Fuck With Me”
  • “Boys Will Be Boys Held Accountable For Their Actions”
  • “Men of Quality Do Not Fear Equality”
  • “I Also Feel Strongly About This”
  • “This is What A Feminist Looks Like”
  • “Don’t Try That Locker Room Talk With Us Punk”
  • “I Also Feel Strongly About This”
  • “He For She”
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Women’s March Poster Ideas For Kids

“I Love Naps, But I Stay Woke”
“I’m Not Allowed To Act Like The President”
“I’m Also 6’3 And 239 Lbs”
“Build A Wall and My Generation Will Tear It Down”
“Girls Support Girls”
“Today I March. In __ Years I Vote”
“When Voldemort Is President, We Need a Nation Of Hermiones”
“Bigger Than Bigotry”
“My Mama Don’t Like Trump And She Likes Everyone”
“The Truth Is You Don’t Think A Girl Would Be Clever Enough”
“Watch Out Trump. My Generation Votes Next”
“I Can’t Walk, But I Will March”
“Future Feminist On Board”
“Voter in ___” [insert year]
“I Like Playing With Friends From Everywhere”

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