Woodford Reserve Unveiled This Year's Kentucky Derby Bottle of Bourbon

Woodford releases a special edition every year for the Kentucky Derby.

woodford reserve kentucky derby bottle 2022
Photo courtesy of Woodford Reserve

Your annual sign that the Kentucky Derby isn’t too far off has arrived. Woodford Reserve has announced details around its annual limited edition Kentucky Derby Bourbon bottle.

It’s the starter's pistol for thinking about the race if you’re more of a whiskey fan than a racing fan. The 2022 bottle features the art of Jaime Corum, a Kentucky-based painter known for painting horse portraits, which is exactly what you'll see on the label.

"Dreams in Bloom," the painting featured on this year’s bottle, features three racing thoroughbreds in front of spring flowers, including the recognizable red roses that are always part of the Derby.

"The attention to detail in Jaime’s artwork is remarkable -- and so realistic," Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Chris Morris said. "This year’s bottle celebrating the 148th Kentucky Derby will make a gorgeous addition to anyone’s bar."

If you’re looking to score this year’s limited edition bottle, it’ll run you $50 wherever you can track it down. Though, if you’re looking to make your Derby party simple, you can also take advantage of the cocktail mixes available through Woodford’s partnership with Williams-Sonoma. It has a Mint Julep and Whiskey Sour mix, as well as a just-launched Woodford Spire, which is a cocktail introduced at the Kentucky Derby back in 2018. It’s the official cocktail of the Kentucky Derby from the race’s presenting sponsor. Time to dust off that derby hat. 

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