Disgruntled Construction Worker Demolishes Hotel Lobby With a Tractor

There are plenty of non-confrontational ways to let a hotel know that you weren't too pumped about how they treated you, whether it's simply by telling them when you check out, or leaving a bad review on a travel booking site. Another perhaps less advisable option is to fire up a tractor and let 'er rip through the newly renovated lobby, fully destroying the place as an act of revenge. And yet, that's what one wildly disgruntled construction worker did this week at a Travelodge in the UK after he wasn't paid for his work there. 

On Monday, a construction worker who'd helped build a Travelodge in Liverpool went on a rampage behind the wheel of a small excavator, tearing out walls, fixtures, windows, and basically everything else in the lobby in his path to call attention the fact that he was owed roughly $775 for the work he'd done, according to a report by the Liverpool Echo. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured during the tirade, but videos of the incident are pretty nuts, showing the wreckage from various angles all while fellow construction workers flee for safety and try to get him stop. 

The whole saga lasted about 20 or 30 minutes, according to various reports, and caused extensive damage to the new hotel, which was set to open this week. In the video, you can hear the employee screaming profanities and saying the whole mess could have been avoided if he was paid his money. He evidently was able to walk away once he was done, but has since been "located" by local police, and is being questioned about the whole ordeal, per ITV News.

In the day or so since the whole incident went down, videos and stories about it have made quite a stir on social media. So much so, in fact, that a GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help raise the money the dude was owed (as well as whatever subsequent funds he'll need to inevitably deal with legal fees as a result of his actions). As of this writing, a whopping $6,200 had been pledged.

The person who launched the campaign says the man in question, who has already been identified but not named, will be the "silent beneficiary" of all funds raised and that he is not only a "deserves huge respect and heโ€™s a real gent who has stuck up for himself, his income and many in the building industry," as building workers going unpaid for services rendered is evidently a huge issue in the area. 

And while that may be true, it's tough to imagine how this whole brouhaha won't have an adverse effect on his prospective employment opportunities going forward. It's probably safe to assume "destroyed former employer's property" doesn't really pop in quite the right way on a resume. 

Though even if what this guy did was idiotic and dangerous, it's tough not to feel at least a little inspired by seeing an exploited worker standing up to their employer in such a badass way. 

h/tLiverpool Echo

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