The World's Best Beaches, According to Reddit

Reddit users don't think you have to travel far for the world's very best ones.

whitehaven beach, australia
Whitehaven Beach, Australia | Joao Inacio/Moment/Getty Images
Whitehaven Beach, Australia | Joao Inacio/Moment/Getty Images

Just like I'm sure tons of other people do, I have one specific deal with a friend of mine—and before you ask, no, it does not involve marriage. We have it all figured out. Once we hit our late forties or so, we'll quit our lives and open a chiringuito (a low-key beach bar, if you will) on a remote island or secluded beach where everything is pretty and the vibes are immaculate. We are, however, still racking our brains on one pretty crucial question—where are we going to do that?

Beautiful beaches are everywhere, but at times it can be misleading to trust official guides and rankings, since they oftentimes don't take into account overtourism issues and buzzy trends. The best way to go about it is to do this the old way—ask around, and trust well-seasoned travelers to point you in the right direction. Luckily for us—and for all beach lovers who are just looking for a nice spot to lay out in—Reddit is one of the best places to do exactly that, except you do it virtually.

Recently, one Redditor popped the million-dollar question. "What's the best beach you've visited?" they wrote. Then they proceeded to give their own two cents on the matter, providing readers with a personal top three. "I remember Cinnamon Bay in St. John's being magical," they said. "The sunsets in Puerto Vallarta are stunning. The Florida gulf coast was a bit rocky but warm and full of small shells."

Comments soon started flooding in, and a very decent number of users agreed with the original poster's take. The most-liked comment when it comes to the world's best beaches puts St. John's very own Cinnamon Bay on the pedestal. "I am also giving a thumbs up for Cinnamon Bay," it reads. "The Virgin Islands are wonderful."

The good news about that is that, if you're located in the US, you don't have to travel far for some gorgeous stretches of beach. On top of Cinnamon Bay's natural beauty, Redditors were quick to point out that its vibe is also what makes it so special. "I went with my two best friends in 2002 and we rented a cabin directly on the beach. The cabin was basically a concrete shack with cots and an old fan, but being beachfront on the most gorgeous beach I'd ever seen was so worth it," replied one person. "Soft, clean sand, the most brilliantly blue, clear, warm water. Stunning views in every direction."

For the world's second best beach according to Reddit, instead, you'll have to hop on a long-haul flight. Australia's Whitsundays won the silver medal in the ranking, and Reddit users—even US-based ones—described them as beaches that are "on a different level." Specifically, Redditors will tell you to head over to Whitehaven, which is, reportedly "incredible."

If Australia seems a little bit out of reach, you'll be pleased to know that the world's third best beach is a tie—and they are both conveniently located in the Caribbean. According to Reddit, Flamenco Beach, located in Puerto Rico's island of Culebra, is a must visit, and so is Aruba's Baby Beach. In addition to being just gorgeous, one Reddit user said that Flamingo Beach is also a great spot for snorkeling. Another person said that while Flamingo Beach is beautiful, there's another hidden gem nearby that might be your best bet if you're looking for a less touristy setting. "Playa Carlos Rosario on the other side of the peninsula is the most beautiful beach I've ever been to," they said. "Perfect for sunsets. And since it's a 15 minute hike from Flamenco it's pretty secluded. Had it all to ourselves."

To take a look at what other beaches Redditors are suggesting, you can read the entire thread right here.

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