So Much Beer Was Thrown in the Air When England Scored in Today's World Cup Match

It was a day of intense highs and soul-crushing lows for fans of England's national team. The squad faced Croatia in the World Cup semifinal on Wednesday. One win and the team would earn a place in the championship game against France with an opportunity to win the nation's first World Cup since 1966. 

A goal in the fifth minute from Kieran Trippier gave fans hope. Their team was up 1-0, and the game had barely started. Of course, this resulted in a joyful celebration at pubs across England. As noted by Marcus Gilmer, that celebration involved throwing a ridiculous amount of beer in the air. If this was 300, the revelers would have warned Croatia that their beers will blot out the sun. 

When Croatia scored its first goal over an hour into the match, their fans celebrated in a similar fashion. Though, it did serve to highlight just how much beer was tossed by the English fans because, in terms of volume of beer thrown, the Croatian celebration doesn't appear to measure up.

In a tweet, ESPN's Darren Rovell said, "England fans in Hyde Park waste about $10,000 in beer on team’s first goal against Croatia." There's really no way of knowing that (and maybe it was a joke?), but damn, beer has been spilled this night. (And there have probably been a few more put down after a disappointing 2-1 loss in extra time.)

h/t Mashable

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