This Anchor Can't Hide His Hilarious Disdain for Surfing Dogs

dog surfing news report

The World Dog Surfing Championship was held over the weekend in Pacifica, California. Dozens of dogs and more than a thousand people showed up to watch some good dogs go for a ride. 

It may feel like a novelty sport -- and it is -- but competitions take place from Texas to Australia and have been around for a while. The first competition was 12 years ago in San Diego, according to NPR. You don't need to look far to find people absolutely giddy about watching dogs surf. 

However, the BBC's Simon McCoy is not enthralled by the sport. In fact, the news presenter wasn't willing to even feign interest in the story on Monday's broadcast.

"Bear in mind it is August," McCoy says, leading into the story. His barely coded "slow news day" intro is followed by a masterclass on sighing deeply.

McCoy may have actually made the story even better with his belabored presentation. 

McCoy appears to have a good sense of humor despite being exhausted by the story. Throughout the day he has been retweeting takes on his broadcast, ranging from "I've never been prouder to be British" to "this is an outrage! i call for this bbc presenter's immediate sacking for stunningly insufficient enthusiasm and cold weather bias!"

The world deserves McCoy beachside for next year's competition.

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