This BASE Jumper Just Set a World Record at Age 51

highest BASE jump ever
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Russian skydiving and BASE jumping legend Valery Rozov has literally taken his craft to a new level. He's broken his own BASE jumping record by jumping from the world's sixth highest mountain, Mount Cho Oyu on the China/Nepal border. After a 21-day climb to the top, Rozov leaped from 25,250 feet to shatter his own world record by 1,600 feet.

"It was my dream and my goal for the last three years," said Rozov of the jump.

The team climbing with Rozov had to wait a week at one point because fresh snowfall prevented them from accessing to the jump. That made for a very long trip up and a very short trip down. Red Bull, his sponsor, says that the jump consisted of approximately 90 seconds of free fall, followed by two minutes of drifting down to the glacier below with a parachute. 

While you might wonder how hard it is to fall a really long way, Rozov is a BASE jumping veteran with loads of jumping and climbing experience. The 51-year-old has set records and firsts all over the world, including being the first person to skydive into a volcano crater back in 2009. He followed that up with a jump in Antarctica and then became the first person to jump from the Matterhorn in 2010. The answer to the above question is that it's actually quite easy to fall a really long way, but importantly, Rozov is good at the landing part too.

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