The World's First Cheese Conveyor Belt Restaurant Is Here and We Want to Go

I have had my fair share of kaiten-zushi -- or rotating sushi -- and gorged on slices of raw fish and sea urchin, delicately wrapped in seaweed and paired with vinegar-imbued rice. It's a fun, interactive meal where new dishes spring up like magic, turning the corner to your table on a conveyor belt delivering only delight. 

In the UK, The Cheese Bar -- a local purveyor of fine British cheeses situated in London's famous Camden Market -- has taken this concept and entrenched it in dairy. Thus Pick & Cheese was born; recently opened in London's brand new Seven Dials Market, it is reportedly the first rotating cheese bar in the world, with 25 different cheeses to choose from on a conveyor belt full of gouda options (literally, Cornish gouda is on the menu).

"At Pick & Cheese, we want to show that cheese and wine bars don't have to be boring and can be enjoyed by everyone, whether you're dropping in for a quick plate of British cheese and a glass of something unusual, or settling in for a cheese flight and a bottle of natural wine," Mathew Carver, founder of The Cheese Bar, told CNN Travel. Yes, there is a wine and cheese pairing offered at Pick & Cheese.

Like traditional kaiten-zushi, plates are color coordinated by price and diners are encouraged to eat to their heart's content, stacking up dishes of empty cheese crumbs before discovering the damage they've wreaked on their wallets. In addition to the the slow march of swirling cheeses, eaters can also order dishes not featured on the rotating belt -- including grilled cheese sandwiches and blue cheese soft serve for dessert, because of course. 

To brie, or not to brie? Who are we kidding -- we would definitely indulge in an endless cheese buffet right this second if this weren't across the pond. Booking our plane tickets now. 

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Kat Thompson is a staff writer at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter @katthompsonn