Take a Look at This Massive, Half-Pound Fruit Loop

It's the biggest piece of cereal you'll ever see.

Thankfully, artists are weird and impulsive. Creatives will continue churning out unhinged products until most of the world is nothing but ash. Starting on Monday, December 19, you'll be able to purchase what I assume is the world's largest Fruit Loop, called the Big Fruit Loop.

The art-collective MSCHF decided to release something weird, unnecessary, and fun. The Brooklyn-based collective is the creator of the infamous Eat The Rich popsicles. Taking a spin on the classic Froot Loop cereal from Kellogg's, MSCHF is bringing something new and strange to life.

"With MSCHF, we are always looking at cultural readymades we can play with," Daniel Greenberg, MSCHF's co-founder, said in a statement to Food & Wine." Cereal is, of course, one of those things. When looking at the object and thinking about what we could do with it, enlarging it to fit the size of the box seemed too perfect to pass up."

According to the Big Fruit Loop website, the single Big Fruit Loop will be 930 calories and weigh about half a pound. The Big Fruit Loop will contain wheat and eggs, which further limits the audience of people interested in taking a bite of the thing.

You can purchase the Big Fruit Loop at BigFruitLoop.com for $19.99. Each box will contain just one of these big cereal rolls, so you'll need to plan on how to conserve and store it if you don't eat it in one sitting.

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