These Are the 5 Longest Super-Haul Flights in the World

Commercial airplanes are flying farther and longer than they ever have before.

Every few years, there's new news about Amelia Earhart, whose final claim to infamy was a journey cut short. The mystery of what happened to her and her airplane has titillated the public since her plane disappeared nearly a century ago. But since her record achievement of being the first woman making it across the Atlantic Ocean in 1932, planes have been making it much, much further. So far, in fact, that the record distances established by commercial flights in recent years were instantaneously crushed.

In 2024, there will be a record setting number of long-haul flights, going distances previously unimaginable by even the most accomplished pilots of history. According to The Points Guy's just-released 2024 Travel Trend report, by the end of 2023 the longest long-haul flight was 9,487 miles between New York to Singapore. By 2025, the world's longest flight will be 10,349 miles long, and will connect Sydney and London.

Right now, these are the five longest flights you can take as a passenger on a commercial plane by mileage, based on Cirium data cited in TPG's report. The longest among these have flight times of over 18 hours:

5. The Dallas/Fort Worth to Melbourne flight operated by Qantas, which is 8,973 miles long.
4. The London Heathrow to Perth flight operated by Qantas, which is 8,988 miles long.
3. The Auckland to Doha flight operated by Qatar Airlines, which is 9,011 miles long.
2. The Newark to Singapore flight operated by Singapore Airlines, which is 9,484 miles long.
1. The New York JFK to Singapore flight operated by Singapore Airlines, which is 9,487 miles long.

According to the TPG report, the total number of flights that are over 8,000 miles long jumped up from just 20 back in 2016 to 32 in 2023. Similarly, the world's longest flight—a South African Airways-operated flight between Johannesburg and Atlanta—as recently as 2003 was a mere 8,439 miles long.

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