The World's Longest Pizza Turned a Race Track Into a Giant Pizza Party

Your move, Italia.

Pizza addicts descended upon Fontana, California's Auto Club Speedway over the weekend to witness history: the shattering of the Guinness Record for the world's longest pizza. The 6,333-foot thin-crust monster was the brainchild of local California pizza chefs and assembled by an army of volunteers who layered the prodigious length of doughy goodness with about 3,600 pounds of cheese and 5,600 pounds of sauce. At final tally, it reportedly beat the previous record -- held by Italian pizza chefs in Naples -- by 251 feet. It was made with the help of a mobile gas convection pizza oven that cooked the whole sheet around the racetrack over a span of eight hours.

The volunteers and California pizza chefs responsible couldn't rein in their enthusiasm, even as they went about the hard work of loading the pizza up with ingredients and, afterward, slicing out pieces and boxing it up for consumption en masse. The proceeds were donated to charity while the finished pizza was either eaten at the event or donated to food banks.

“The fact that in this process we are sharing something with others less fortunate, is creating true enthusiasm at every level,” Fash Asvadi told Circa. He's director of and Italforni USA Ovens, two of the many pizza-making entities involved in the effort.

"It's hard work wrapping those pizza boxes and folding them, but it's fun," one volunteer told The Fontana Herald News.

"Pizza is an Italian food, but in the end, the US is the home of pizza," Christina Conlon, a Guinness World Records rep on-site, told local videographers during the event. "It feels fitting to me that the US finally should get involved in this actually very competitive category."

The social media videos and posts confirmed just how fun it was. Take a look at a few of them posted in the last day or so to see just how insane this effort was, and buy yourself a slice or two for lunch today to allay your own cravings.

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