The World's Tallest Rope Swing Flies Through a Giant Soccer Stadium

South Africa's known for its great wine and stunning landscapes, but the country is also home to the world's highest rope swing, according to Guinness World Records. At 288 feet high, the swing at the top of the Moses Mabhida Stadium Stadium in Durban, South Africa, is known as the Big Rush and sits above an imposing drop to the stadium that once housed the 2010 World Cup.

All that stands between you and splat is a red bungee rope, and folks who climb the 352 stairs to the top to swing down at 74 mph (some report speeds of up to 90 mph).

It's worth noting that this may be the tallest, but it isn't exactly the craziest rope swing around. YouTubers around the world pull off insane stunts with cliff-diving rope swings from other parts of South Africa, to Zimbabwe, to Greece, to here in the United States. The Internet runs rife with clips of maniacs jumping off cliffs, into canyons, and over waterfalls and shipwrecks on their own makeshift swings. Doing this improperly can sometimes get quite deadly. This video is particularly nail-biting:

Fortunately, South Africa's Big Rush is a bit of a safer bet. It's a controlled jump that supplies you with a harness and  "practice" And (probably?) won't cause your significant other to break up with you when they get back to the top. Tickets for a jump go for 695 South African Rand (about $52 USD at current exchange rates). If you take a vacation in South Africa, take the leap.

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