These Are the Worst Places to Go on a First Date, According to a New Survey

Online bingo website Tombola just surveyed 11,000 people to find the worst first date spots.

If it's difficult to imagine a worse first date location than a funeral, the results of a new survey might come as a surprise to you.

Tombola, a UK bingo website, just released a timely new study on first dates, where it surveyed 11,000 users of its popular site on what they thought the worst first date locations were.

The survey pool was pretty clear on one thing: Do not, under any circumstance, bring your date to the movies the first time you hang out, as this was the top vote-getter by a long shot. With 2,361 votes, 20% of respondents indicated that going to the cinema is the worst first date idea, since the mandatory silence doesn't give the opportunity to actually get to know one another.

Don't even think about taking your date to McDonald's, either. A huge chunk of respondents (13%) voted this location to be the worst first date idea, which is likely to be attributed to McDonald's cheap, convenient, and not particularly romantic traits. "[It] gives the impression that someone doesn't care about impressing their date," Jessica Alderson, CEO and co-founder of the dating app So Syncd, told tombola.

Netflix and chilling is also a no-no, and it is mainly for safety reasons. Visiting the other person's house is third on the list of worst first date ideas, and dating experts advise against it as well. Instead, you could choose another low-commitment activity, such as going for a walk or finding an art gallery with free admission.

Here are the top 10 worst first date ideas, according to tombola's study:

1. Going to the movies (2,361 votes)
2. McDonald's (1,561 votes)
3. Staying home (790 votes)
4. Going to a parent's house (522 votes)
5. Visiting a restaurant (476 votes)
6. Going to a pub/bar (471 votes)
7. Swimming (383 votes)
8. Watching a football match (311 votes)
9. Attending a funeral (218 votes)
10. Going to the park (196 votes)

You may be able to read more about the study here, though the link appears to be blocked to US visitors.

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