Flights to Iceland Just Dropped to $99

cheap flights iceland

Cold weather makes for a great time to take a soak in a hot spring or to chase the northern lights. So, it's worth considering WOW Air's new sale featuring $99.99 one-way flights to Iceland

The low-cost carrier has launched a sale with $99.99 fares and round-trip flights for as little as $199.98. There's extra incentive to consider the offer now because there are reports that Icelandair, a WOW competitor, may acquire the budget airline and it's hard to know how that will impact flight prices from the United States. 

Flight availability will vary by departure city, but there are currently $99 flights from November through March out of Boston, Chicago, and Washington D.C. You'll also find $109 one-way flights from Detroit, New York, and Pittsburgh, as well as $129 flights out of Los Angeles and $179 flights out of Orlando.

cheap flights iceland
cheap flights iceland

Since WOW is a budget airline, be sure you know how much the flight is actually going to cost. If you aren't a packing wizard or are uncomfortable sitting by strangers, the price can be more than the sticker price indicates. The airline charges you for bags and for selecting your own seat. 

Nonetheless, flying frugally might be worth it if you have your heart set on a little time in the Blue Lagoon, eating hákarl, or catching a show at Harpa. 

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