A Wrestler Threw Out an Opening Pitch and Everything Turned to Chaos

The ceremonial opening pitch at baseball games is usually yawn-inducing. American baseball ought to take notes because this opening pitch should be the new standard for pre-game entertainment.

At a game between Japan's Hanshin Tigers and the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, Japanese wrestling legend Jushin "Thunder" Liger, in full costume, threw out the opening pitch. The event involved mascots from both clubs, with the Fighters' Frep the Fox standing at-bat. 

Liger threw the ball at Frep and the over-sized fox was not pleased. He charged the mound. Appropriately, it turned into a wrestling match officiated by Hanshin mascot To Well. Liger broke out some serious moves to take down Frep and get the pin. Those moves were only matched by Liger's excellent work leading the stadium in the "YMCA" later in the game. 

This is the kind of absurd pre-game entertainment that should open every game. That or something creepy like the time the opening pitch was thrown out by the girl from The Ring with the girl from The Grudge at-bat. It was nearly as terrifying as being a fan of the Baltimore Orioles. 

h/t MLB

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