Here's How You Can Get a Seat at a Wu-Tang-Themed 36-Course Dinner

The dinner will feature Wu-Tang-themed dishes, cocktails, and experiences.

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Wu-Tang Clan fans listen up: The perfect event for you is right around the corner. This fall, a 36-course dinner in Seattle will be entirely Wu-Tang-themed. Here is the who, what, when, and where so you don't have to google information frantically. All you have to do is get your fellow rap heads together and work on stretching that stomach.

Syd Suntha, a Seattle chef who runs a popular Sri Lankan food cart named Kottu, is putting the event together. Suntha told Eater that he started conceptualizing the event about four years ago and landed on the idea of a Wu-Tang-themed dinner because he's "loved them since I was a kid, and I think they're one of those groups that resonate with every single person." 

Initially, while planning the spectacular event, Suntha would go small and work with five courses, all made by him. Then that number shifted to the idea of having nine chefs because of the nine members of the rap group. From there, the Seattle-based chef settled on having 36 courses because the number "36" is featured in the group's debut album, "Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)." There you have it—the idea of a nine-chef, 36-course meal was born.

If the idea of a Wu-Tang-themed dinner has piqued your interest, wait until you hear about some of the dishes featured. Suntha has already developed a dish for the event, including Ooh Baby, I Like it Raw, a dish inspired by the lyrics of the song "Shimmy Shimmy Ya," with local albacore, beets, roasted chilis, and amaranth. One Blood Under W, based on a song of the same name, is a dish with blood sausage on brioche.

For the extravagant dinner, fans can expect a lot more than just plate after plate of food. Eighteen courses will be food, nine will be drinks, and nine will be experiences. Some of those "experiences" will include a Wu-Tang-themed escape room that will reveal the menu for the evening, live painting by a local artist, and a cellist who will play Wu-Tang songs to pair with specific food courses. The other courses for the dinner will feature shows from rappers, MCs, and musicians.

If the call to the Wu-Tang-themed dinner is just a little too loud for you to ignore, check out Suntha's Instagram, where he will be updating fans with finalized details. The dinner, which has been postponed twice due to COVID-19, is scheduled for September or October of this year. The Seattle-based chef is currently competing in an Eventbrite competition which could help him win an extra $10,000 toward the event. As of now, tickets are around $333 per person, and although winning the Eventbrite contest won't bring the price of those tickets down, according to Suntha, win or lose, "it's still going to be fucking awesome."

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