2016's Best Tweets Read by Donald Glover and the Kids From 'Stranger Things'

Published On 11/30/2016 Published On 11/30/2016

Yeah. It is  that time of year already. To welcome December and the end of 2016, GQ brought together actors from the year's best films and TV shows to try and guess the author of some of the year's funniest tweets. (It's all about the guess, because if it was just a list of the funniest tweets, well, there are definitely some missing tweets). 

Though it doesn't quite hit the same hilarious tone that Jimmy Kimmel's "Mean Tweets" segment hits, it features some fantastic tweets from Anna Kendrick and Ryan Reynolds that take the edge of a garbage year. Additionally, there's a straight up weird tweet about the ending of Tron from Kanye West.

It's also wonderful to see basically everyone guesses Kanye anytime a tweet sounds like it was written by a lunatic.

Though they don't have to be great actors to get a laugh out of these tweets, their presence is a nice reminder of some of the year's best shows. Also, it's fun to see Cuba Gooding Jr.'s self-satisfied smirk when he correctly guesses a Kanye tweet.

Watch above as Gooding Jr. (The People v. OJ: American Crime Story), Donald Glover (Atlanta), Shariff Earp (Moonlight), Joel Edgerton (Loving), and the kids from Stranger Things, among othersattempt to guess the author of some ridiculous tweets. 

h/t Complex

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