Oh Shit, the Yeti Is Totally Real

Previously in the real world, it was proven that bigfoot totally exists because of a blurry photo that is 100 percent proof of this monster's existence. Now, there's hard evidence that bigfoot's cousin the yeti is totally freaking real. It's incontrovertible. 

The above video was taken in the Republic of Bashkortostan (just north of Kazakhstan) as a couple Russian blokes drive a snowy byway. Up ahead of the vehicle, a bipedal something or other runs across the road. Naturally, it's blurry as hell, probably because yetis don't want to be seen. Whatever it is that's crossing the road looks pretty small and it's definitely the yeti or a yeti baby. Or an old yeti with a bad back. A Babushka yeti. Babiyeti.

The yeti is pretty engrained in the culture of Bashkortostan, according to It's a region that has frequent yeti sightings and a rich trove of folklore about the abominable snowman. So it makes sense this is the region where the yeti actually lives and why it was caught on camera leaving absolutely no questions about whether or not the yeti exists.

Or the blurry biped could be a kid in a coat, but probably not. That seems less likely than the figure being a mythical beast. It's definitely a mythical animal. 2016 owes it to us all to make this a yeti. It's a yeti.

h/t Uproxx

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