Video Shows Animals Having a Grand Old Time at Deserted Yosemite National Park

Facebook/Yosemite National Park

In a recently posted video, Yosemite National Park is showing us humans that, if we wish to see wildlife abound in the great outdoors, we're probably better off screaming "IT'S A COYOTE" from the comfort of our own homes. 

The video, titled "Stillness in Yosemite Valley," was posted to Facebook April 2. It depicts wild animals--like deer and coyotes--living their best furry lives, bopping around once overcrowded park spaces with pre-colonial tranquility. 

Yosemite closed on March 20 (indefinitely) after first waiving entry fees to encourage distancing. Now the animals are freely exploring once-dangerous roads, and walking around parking lots that are usually filled with tourists. 

"While so much has changed for humans in recent weeks," the Facebook post reads, "it's reassuring to see that nature carries on as it always has."

Humans love to joke about what sort of mischief their pets are getting into when they aren't home, but a recent series of Twitter videos capturing ruthless goats galavanting around a Wales town under COVID-19 lockdown has got us all thinking about how our absence in public spaces changes the way animals live their wild lives. 

"Spring seems to be slowly creeping into the valley, the sun finally emerging after a week or two of rain and snow," Yosemite's video caption reads. "Waterfalls are gradually picking up momentum, and wildlife is becoming more active, perhaps enjoying having the park mostly to themselves."

Let's set the record straight for a sec--fish are probably not returning to the puddle outside of your urban residence now that humans are social distancing inside. Lots of misinformation is spread online as COVID restrictions increase, including bogus claims that swans were flocking to and thriving in the Venice canals. That was false, but as you can see in the Yosemite video, there are certainly some cuties coming out of hiding. 

If you'd like to keep exploring our great landscape in a pseudo-IRL way, you can check out Google Earth's list of 31 virtual national park tours. The Yosemite tour is pretty incredible. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.