You Could Win $25,000 by Turning off Your Tech for One Month

You will have to power down from 6:30 pm to 6:30 am local time every day.


Kahlúa is making it a little easier, or at least more enticing, to step away from the screens by offering couples $25,000. The company hopes to help romantic partners connect, reset, and stack some cash with the #KahluaStirItUpChallenge.

The alcohol purveyor will select one lucky couple to participate in the challenge. All the participants have to do is agree to go without electronics from 6:30 pm to 6:30 am local time every day for 30 days. Afterward, they will take a polygraph test focused on their technology detox, which they'll have to pass to get paid.

Before launching the campaign, Kahlúa did its research. The booze brand found that roughly half of all Americans spend between five and six hours daily on their phones. As you might imagine, all that time tapped into tech negatively impacts relationships, and Kahlúa hopes this challenge will leave the participating couple with better habits moving forward. To help get them started, the brand will provide a #KahluaStirItUpChallenge kit, which includes a storage box to stash their phones in and ideas for ways to spend their time while they're phoneless. 

Head to this website to check out the challenge rules and enter the sweepstakes.

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