A Pub on an Isolated Island Is Looking for a Landlord, Caretaker, and Monarch

This isn't your typical 9 to 5 type of gig, but it has its perks.


The Ship Inn on Piel Island, a remote location off the coast of England, near Barrow-in-Furness, is looking for someone to take the helm.

Taking the helm, in this case, means a few different things. The unique pub, which sits alone on the 50-acre island, save for the ruins of the fourteenth-century Piel Castle, is seeking a landlord, caretaker, and monarch. While the small island is reachable by ferry, the ferry only runs from April to September. It can also be reached via guided walks, weather permitting.

Whoever applies for the gig must be ok with some rough weather, occasionally intense isolation, and long hours. However, there are also perks-aplenty.

For one, the island has seals and other wildlife in abundance and is popular among campers and bird-watchers. The biggest perk, however, must be that whoever gets the job will be named the king or queen of the island.

John Murphy, who has been leading walks to the island for close to four decades, says that it takes a special person to run the pub.

"You can't just nip across to Tesco for a loaf of bread when you're on Piel Island," he said, according to The Guardian. "You'll need to have dedication and a strong passion for isolation and peace and quiet. It takes a special personality."

The job description notes that "any operator needs to appreciate the constraints offered by power, weather, access and its location within an area of site of special scientific interest" as well. Successful applicants will have to not only manage and maintain the pub but the island as a whole.

Should you get the job, there's a unique crowning ceremony that involves a throne, a rusty saber, and buckets of beer being poured on your head, per the Guardian.

The Barrow borough council is looking to lock someone in for 10 years, and in time for the pub's April opening. Find out more on the island's website.

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