This Poor Guy Got Wrecked by a Deer But Still Thinks It's Pretty Funny

When it comes to the most imposing creatures in the animal kingdom, the humble deer is an underrated menace. Would you like proof? Watch this video of a deer pummeling a man straight to his ass like a rugby player all hopped up on cheap booze and creatine.

The guy in the video, 25-year-old Cary McCook, told the Revelstoke Review he was surprised to get flattened by a deer. "I still can't believe I got hit by a deer," he said. "I heard three gallops and I turned to my left and before I could make out what it was, I see a deer coming towards me and it hits me and I'm on the ground."

It appears the vengeful deer was actually fleeing a dog, and McCook, who was being dropped off by friends outside of a hotel in British Columbia, absorbed all of the impact. Nature is crazy, man.

Adding insult to literal injury, no one believed that McCook actually got obliterated by the deer. It didn’t help that the date of the incident was April Fool’s Day. McCook first called his mom, like any nice boy with a story to tell. "I was like mom, I got hit by a deer in front of my hotel room and then she kind of laughed and said 'I've heard better than that.'" He had to obtain the surveillance footage to get people to believe him. Now, the world is getting to enjoy the reverse animal abuse on YouTube.

The incident occurred in Canada, after all, where animals are abundant and capable of wrecking your shit. McCook was all smiles about the incident though, telling the paper: “In any circumstances, laughter will bring joy to people and that's how I like to be.”

That’s a great attitude and all, but just wait until you have to fight a bear with a wine bottle.

[h/t revelstoke review via gizmodo]

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