The Hershey's Chocolate Beer from Yuengling Is Coming Back This Year

A historic American brewery and sweets company combine forces once again for a chocolate porter.

yuengling hershey's beer 2021
Photo courtesy of Yuengling

The combination of chocolate and beer isn't new. Though the chocolate is usually a bit modest, and it's certainly not candy bar-sweet. 

But that is the case with the returning collaboration between Yuengling and Hershey's. The pair of Pennsylvania companies are bringing back the Hershey's Chocolate Porter in bottles and on draft in late September. This is the third year Yuengling has offered the dark, almost cloyingly sweet beer. 

Like other times it has hit shelves, it's going in limited supply. It's available in 22 of the 23 states where the brewery distributes, which is more than the just 14 states where it was available the first year it was released. Though, maybe that number continues to rise with future releases as Yuengling prepares to expand its distribution

Additionally, this go-round, Yuengling is hosting a "Scary Delicious Tour" to celebrate the release during the first week of October. The brewery is asking fans to follow it on social media to predict where the truck "might resurrect before moving on to the next location," it says. It's all a little secretive, but the truck is making stops at the "most iconic haunted Halloween destinations" around Pennsylvania and dropping the porter off on the doorsteps of people who love the 4.7% ABV drink.

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