Wireless Air Conditioner Keeps You Cool and Plays Music From Your Phone

wireless air conditioner
Zero breeze
Zero breeze

July was the hottest month ever recorded on Earth. So it follows that items like the ice helmet are being invented, even if they look dumb. It also makes sense that one hot day, a brilliant person said to themselves that they just wish they could rip the air conditioning unit out of the window and carry it around all day.

While that's probably not how it actually went, there are some geniuses who have made portable air conditioners. However, there's never been one capable of tickling the fancy of lazy people quite like the Zero Breeze. This new wireless air conditioner does a whole lot, but most importantly it claims it can cool a 50-square foot area down to 46 degrees Fahrenheit while running on battery.

It also houses a Bluetooth speaker, an LED flashlight, and a cellphone charging station with two USB ports. On battery power, it can run for up to five hours on the medium fan setting and takes around three to five hours to charge. It's a great solution for spaces like a garage or tent, though the people in the video who brought an air conditioner to the beach need help. It's either too hot to be at the beach or you're at the beach, of course it's hot out.

Air conditioners, generally speaking, aren't helping the situation with climate change, but Zero Breeze runs on rotary compression refrigeration technology and will use an "environmentally- and ozone-friendly" refrigerant from Dupont.

The creators are currently crowdfunding the first run into production and have already raised over 160 percent of their initial $100,000 goal. So, if you, like that guy in their campaign video, are going to willing stand in front of a fire on a hot day and are unwilling to deal with the consequences of that decision, you can preorder now. But make other plans for Labor Day, they aren't expected to start shipping until March 2017.

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