These Are the Ten Worst Majors for Finding Jobs After College

Graduating college is the worst. The skills you learned -- tapping kegs, peeking over shoulders to steal exam answers, among sundry others -- will most likely impair you in the job market of real world adults. Your field of study might not have done you any favors either, as a new study from Zippia lists the ten majors with the highest post-graduate unemployment rates. 

Using Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Zippia cited the total number of people who graduated within a specific major, then compared the percentages of grads who had jobs versus those who didn't. Majors with the bleakest job prospects are listed below according to percentages of unemployment. 

1. Composition And Rhetoric: 17.54%
2. Environmental Science: 11.79%
3. Anthropology And Archaeology: 11.76%
4. Drama And Theater Arts: 11.42%
5. Film Video And Photographic Arts: 11.24%
6. Mass Media: 10.92%
7. Fine Arts: 10.90%
8. Area Ethnic And Civilization Studies: 10.84%
9. Intercultural And International Studies: 9.93%
10.Communication Technologies: 9.40%

Sadly, if you're an aspiring environmental scientist -- a vocation with any number of very real and prescient applications -- you'll likely be earning your stripes in another industry, at least while starting out. Other majors are a bit more obvious: Theater students and would-be archaeologists go into their respective fields knowing that immediate job opportunities are slim. But college grads shouldn't despair, despite the seemingly dim future awaiting them. 

After all, there's nothing wrong with working in the service industry while you shop internships -- some of which pay better than a full-time job, anyway. 

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