DIY Picklebacks Just Got a Lot Easier

Good news for Pickleback enthusiasts who don’t want to crunch their way through a full jar of pickles just to get to the delicious brine: A DC-based pickle company recently released a new product that delivers that salty-tart juice straight—pickles not included. Yes, Gordy’s Pickle Jar is selling pickle juice in a can.

Lest there be any confusion over why Gordy’s is packaging and selling something typically poured down the kitchen sink drain, the brine-filled cans are clearly marked as Gordy’s Fine Brine For Cocktails. The company is pushing the slightly spicy brine as not only a Pickleback necessity: 

but also a welcome addition to a Bloody Mary:

Washington DC bar 2 Birds 1 Stone even uses it in their Wangy Tangy Margarita:

Though it does seem a tad gimmicky (is it really so hard to siphon brine out of a pickle jar?), we are totally intrigued by Fine Brine and appreciate any brand that comes up with new ways for us to expand our bar. Plus, this finally validates our habit of secretly sipping brine straight from the jar.

Gordy’s is selling their Fine Brine online for $16 for a four-pack.