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Infuse Your Home and Your Body With the Smells of a G&T

Leave it to the Brits, those lovers of Gin & Tonics, to figure out how to incorporate the spritzy classic into every part of daily life. Sting in the Tail, a designer of “unique products” based in the Lake District in England, is selling G&T shower gel, hand wash, bubble bath and soap, along with a lemon and juniper candle in partnership with Vineyard Candles.

The bath products ($6-12) are perfect for those times when you’d like to smell like you’ve just been drinking a Gin & Tonic, but don’t actually want to drink one, while the candle ($21) will fill your apartment with the sweet, citrusy smell of your favorite one-two punch of a drink. The line of products is the latest addition to the already flourishing market of gin-based home goods, which includes perfect gifts for G&T enthusiasts like moustache wax and wall art.

The folks at Sting in the Tail are not only interested in making the world smell like a garden party, but also in keeping it healthy. The candles are made from recycled bottles, and the retailer is committed to local manufacturing wherever possible, putting the G&T loving nation to work for the good of us all.