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Meet Pongbot, the Beer Pong Robot

Nothing says college like a good old-fashioned game of beer pong, cobbled together with some cheap beer, plastic cups and a spare ping pong ball. But now, one new Kickstarter campaign is giving the classic frat-house game the high-tech upgrade no one ever asked for with a new remote-controlled contraption called Pongbot.

The Solo cup-toting robot can hold up to five brews and boasts LED under-lighting, table edge-sensing technology and the ability to spin and dart its way across a surface.

“There are two modes for play,” the developers explain on Pongbot’s Kickstarter campaign page. “In Auto-mode, the Pongbot will move and spin randomly in any direction at any time, so that the shooter never knows where it is going. In Manual mode, your opponent controls the motion with a tank-style handheld remote control.”

Alan Dorfman and Jayson Esterow, the duo who created the game, think this innovation will make beer pong “more fun, more exciting and a lot more challenging.” But it does, in our opinion, have a couple of drawbacks. For one, you can’t kiss the cups. And secondly, jostling and shaking the cups could result in unappetizingly flat beer.

Right now, the campaign has a total of 71 backers and has raised $4,000 of its hefty $100,000 goal. If you don’t want to donate the $40 it takes to get one of your very own Pongbots, go the DIY route and try Beer Pong Roomba—the game that likely started it all.