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Can’t Make it to New Orleans? Watch This Bourbon Street Live Stream Instead

Mardi Gras in New Orleans is an event like no other. It wasn’t the first Mardi Gras in America, but it’s definitely the biggest (more than a million flocking tourists), rowdiest (more than $800 million spent on the celebration alone) and most storied. For those of us at home feeling major FOMO because we couldn’t pause our lives on a Tuesday to party in the Big Easy, all hope is not lost: Webcams are live streaming all the Mardi Gras action.

Admittedly, a live camera that’s constantly watching us is an Orwellian nightmare. But you know what? When you’re holed up at home or work and wishing you were out in the French Quarter partaking in all the revelry, it seems less bad. Kind of.

Once you get over that creepy feeling, you can tune into the New Orleans EarthCam feed. One is positioned on the Cat’s Meow balcony (with another inside to watch people sing karaoke), and another camera gives viewers a second angle of Bourbon Street. Watch the paraders in elaborate outfits toss beads, or view from a safe distance the guy who will inevitably break one or all of Mardi Gras’ unspoken rules.

EarthCam runs the New Orleans feeds and others around the world year around. Mardi Gras is by far the most interesting night to watch, though. So go ahead and shake off the creepiness of being a voyeur. Start up the feed, make yourself a New Orleans Mardi Gras cocktail and transport your mind to Bourbon Street.