Adorable Dog Living in Subway Tunnel rescued by MTA Worker

Published On 02/17/2015 Published On 02/17/2015

After discovering her wandering the tracks of a D train subway tunnel in the Bronx, an MTA worker rescued an adorable Shih-Tzu poodle last week, DNAinfo reported -- which is hands down the cutest thing that has ever happened in a subway tunnel ever.

Charles Gaston took the doggy in as his own after he and other workers found her in the tunnel Feb. 12. Gaston has affectionately named her "Delta the Track Dog," got her vaccinated at a vet, and has even created an Instagram account dedicated to photos of Delta and the media attention she's received. However, Gaston was set to meet with a family who believes Delta might be their lost dog on Tuesday afternoon, according to the report. “I am gonna be sad if I have to give her up,” Gaston told DNAinfo

But judging by the pictures, the two will always be friends no matter what.

Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and spends a lot of time gawking at adorable dogs he sees while out and about. Follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.



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