This City Has Been Named the Best Place to Live in New York State

The same city ranked 21st when compared with all cities nationwide.

Contrary to common opinion, the Big Apple isn't the best place to live in New York state.

According to US News and World Report's latest ranking of best places to live in the US, one of the world's favorite concrete jungles only came up fifth on the New York list. The state's winner is Albany, which was officially named the best city to live in New York. On a nationwide scale, the New York capital gained the 21st spot, while it is Huntsville, Alabama that brings home the gold medal.

To come up with the results, the magazine analyzed a multitude of factors and data ​​including the US Census Bureau, the FBI, the US Department of Labor, and its own internal resources. Community rankings together with job market and employment rates, and desirability of living in an area were all factored into the decision. Crime rates were taken into account too, as well as education and other general quality of life data.

With an overall score of 6.5 out of 10, Albany was able to be crowned best place to live in NY thanks to a combination of favorable traits. Its proximity to the Catskills and Adirondacks makes it a desirable location, and its multitude of small businesses, galleries, and culinary shops add valuable points, too. According to the magazine, its architecture (both residential and the State Capitol and the Empire State Plaza) is to be prized as well.

One of Albany's main qualities, though, remains its price point. According to the study, homes in Albany sell for "less than the national median sale price." The average income, on the other hand, is higher than the national average.

To take a look at the complete ranking, you can visit this website.

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