Live Out Your Childhood Dreams at This Booze-Fueled, Adult Summer Camp

Published On 05/26/2015 Published On 05/26/2015
Courtesy of Camp No Counselors

In case you were never shipped off for long summers of mosquito bites, water fights, and orienteering as a kid, it’s not too late, thanks to a summer camp for adults that actually does summer camp the right way — you know, with a weekend-long open bar.

Camp No Counselors, or a weekend getaway for adults, takes “summer camp” to the next level with slip ’n slides, late night dance parties, dodge ball and bunch of outdoor activities that go hand-in-hand with gorgeous-weather day drinking. While spots at the camp for Labor Day weekend are sold out, there is still space available this weekend (clear your damn schedule!) and again for Sept. 17th - 20th.

Courtesy of Camp No Counselors

How to get there

The actual camp, or Southwoods, is all the way Upstate, but luckily, you won't have to rent a car or have your mom drop you off. Although she'd probably love to. Instead, you'll pile onto a chartered bus that leaves from Manhattan with a bunch of other people, and kick back watching classic summer camp movies all the way there. The bus will get you back to NYC at the end of the weekend, too.

Courtesy of Camp No Counselors


The package includes three nights of lodging, and by lodging, they mean an assigned bunk among a set of 10 bunkbeds that will sleep 20 people, as well as cubbies where you can put all your stuff. So don't expect a lot of privacy, but do expect pre-gaming with your new bunkmates. There's even a flagpole right outside, where you can string up someone's underwear. 

Courtesy of Camp No Counselors


Since there's no damn counselors, you won't be forced to hike in the woods or toil with arts and crafts. You're an adult, so you decide what activities you want to fill the weekend with -- and there are a lot -- or kick back and just drink in the sunshine. Activities include water skiing, tubing, slip 'n slides, sunbathing, archery, hiking, dodge ball, kayaking, painting, ropes courses, scavenger hunts, and more. 

Courtesy of Camp No Counselors

Food & Drink

Just like the sleeping, the eating at Camp No Counselors is communal. The camp promises a weekend of big, "high end" meals in its dining hall, like BBQ, Mexican feast night, salads, and a bunch of other stuff -- even gluten-free options. Expect typical grilled fare for lunch, including hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken.

As for booze, you'll wake up to mimosas and bloodies for breakfast, enjoy beer and wine throughout the day, and, of course, hit up that open bar at the nightly parties. No need to sneak hooch along with you, and you won't get kicked out for contraband.

Courtesy of Camp No Counselors

Nighttime Parties

Pack glow sticks and get ready to dance your ass off -- if you make it through a full day of drinking and sun. Starting at 10pm (and running until about 2am), they really crank up the party with late-night, themed dance parties featuring DJs, live bands and prime time to soak up all that open bar has to offer.

No guarantees of awkward encounters with the opposite sex -- or the same sex for that matter. But it's camp -- embrace your inner 13-year-old.

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and never went to summer camp as a kid, and he's pretty happy about that. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.



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