This Central Park Foliage Map Is Your Ultimate Guide to NYC Leaf Peeping

The Central Park Conservancy just released the new tool.

Even though NYC is a concrete jungle, New Yorkers don't need to go far away to enjoy some beautiful foliage colors. Just walk over to Central Park, and make sure you consult this map first.

The Central Park Conservancy, the nonprofit organization that tends to the park's daily upkeep, has just released a live map showing users the state of foliage across Central Park. By hovering over the map, visitors can see where and when main areas of the park are approaching peak foliage.

Currently, The Mall & Literary Walk area is reported to be peaking, and North Meadow is in the same state as well. Other areas, including The Ramble, Hallet Net Sanctuary, the Reservoir, and the Northern side of the park are still going through the pre-peak phase.While other NYC areas might be already peaking, Central Park tends to reach those levels later than usual due to the angles of NYC's sunrises and sunsets.

"This has a unique effect on Central Park's trees which are often obscured by many shadows cast by surrounding buildings," explains the Conservancy’s website. "As a result of the light and temperature gradient, the trees often have a distorted sense of the seasons, meaning Central Park frequently experiences a later foliage turn than other parts of New York."

To check out the map and stay up to date with Central Park's foliage, you can head over to this website.

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