New York State Has Almost $20 Billion in Lost Money & Some Might Be Yours

You just have to search for your name on the database.

New Yorkers might be owed hefty sums of money, and they may not even know it. According to the New York State comptroller's office, there are over $17 billion (yes, with a "B") in unclaimed funds, and some might actually be yours.

Luckily, there's a way to get it back. The office has put together a database you can use to search for your own name. If there's some "lost money" belonging to you, you'll pop up on the screen, together with the address associated with you.

A sound piece of advice is to try and search for your deceased relatives, too, since the accounts go back to the 1940s and—according to officials—you could be entitled to some of that old money. You should also try to search for those who are still alive, as well as try to invert your (or their) last name and first name on the search bars—they might have put them in wrong.

While there's a lot of unclaimed money available, it's not impossible to get back. Every day, around $1.5 million is returned to those who file claims. If you live in NYC, your chances to get some of it might be good. Of all the New York unclaimed cash, NYC flaunts $4.3 billion, with $2.2 billion for Manhattan residents, and $1 billion each for Brooklyn and Queens. You can check out this map for a regional breakdown.

To try your luck and get some money, you can head over to the database right here.

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