You Can Ride the Longest Mountain Roller Coaster in Upstate NY

The coaster runs alongside a historic Olympic bobsled track.

If you head over to Lake Placid in Upstate NY, you can channel your inner Olympian and experience the thrill of being a true bobsledder.

The Cliffside Coaster is one of the many attractions at the multi-sport center Mt. Van Hoevenberg, and it flaunts the record of being America's longest mountain roller coaster. With a length of 7,000 feet, the Cliffside Coaster allows guests to experience an exhilarating ride. Riders have full control on speed while winding down a historic route, which develops alongside the path of the 1932 and 1980 Olympic bobsled track.

The Olympic experience starts from the beginning. Before getting aboard the bobsled, visitors have the chance to learn all about the Olympic history of the area, and while they race down the path, they can feel just like a 1932 and 1980 Olympian.

The attraction is now open for the summer, and tickets can be purchased on Mt. Van Hoevenberg's website. The adult price is $55, and Junior prices for children between nine and 13 are available.

Opening hours are 10 am–5 pm Friday through Tuesday. For more information and daily Mt. Van Hoevenerg updates, you can visit this link.

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