Coco & Breezy's Day Off in the Catskills Is a Trip to Recharge Your Batteries

The DJs and entrepreneurs walk us through a dreamy Catskill getaway, dishing on where to eat the best desserts and showing their incredible mountain property.


If you're a New Yorker, you know that when you need to recharge your spiritual batteries and get in touch with nature, a weekend trip to the Catskills is always a good bet.

Coco and Breezy couldn't agree more. "It's so nice to leave the city and get [the] nature that you need," said Breezy in a recent interview with Thrillist. The Catskills are like an oasis of peace for the twin DJs and entrepreneurs. It's such a relaxing paradise that Coco swears she gets the best sleep there. "The first time that I went, I remember driving and walking out the car," she said. "It almost felt like relief."

Essentially, the Catskills is where you can find homey vibes away from home. In our series "Ride With Me," Coco and Breezy give us a quintessential cozy guide to their favorite NYC escape by showing us around their beautiful property and providing all the tips on where to eat the most deliciously decadent desserts. And if you need to kick back with a cold one, don't fret. They're taking us to a local brewery, too.

So clear your head and breathe in the fresh air, we're going to the Catskills!

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Places to Eat & Drink

Phoenicia Diner
You just cannot pass by Phoenicia Diner without stopping in to eat. It's Coco and Breezy's unspoken rule.

This is the spot where you should forget all about your diet and indulge in the food, because it's worth it. Breezy doesn't usually eat pancakes, but when she arrives at Phoenicia Diner, all promises go out the window. "When I go there, I'm like, 'You know what? Let me get pancakes,'" she said.

She also recommends the skillet, although she doesn't eat that anymore since going vegan. Before making the switch, though, it was one of her favorite dishes.

Woodstock Brewery
If you're looking to get one, two, or even three good beers, Woodstock Brewery is the spot for you.

They have outdoor seating where you can chill and look at the beautiful scenery while enjoying many different types of beers. Coco and Breezy love craft beers, and definitely recommend this brewery for them.

If you haven't eaten before your beer session, Woodstock Brewery offers delicious snacks as well. And if you're in a rush, they also sell beer to go.

The Pines
Coco and Breezy love the food so much that they never remember what they order. But they will tell you one thing: desserts at The Pines are divine.

Their dinner is also amazing, and the place makes for a very cute date night spot. "If you are going upstate with a little cutie, it's small and cozy," said Coco. "But it's not like you're on top of each other!"

Things to Do

The Lorca
Forget the classic grandma's house-style cabins. The Lorca isn't it.

"We wanted to do the opposite," explained Coco. Before, the interiors of the houses on the property weren't really the vibe Coco and Breezy were looking for, so they switched things up. Clean, light wood and airy spaces now brighten the houses up. "I'm so proud of that project," said Breezy. "We're always trying to figure out how we [can] still support the locals as we're integrating into the Catskills."

The Lorca features five houses—two cottages, one cabin, a house across the street, and a farmhouse. In a very idyllic mountain-cabin fashion, there's even a stream running through the back of one of the houses.

Besides their love for the Catskills, the reason why the twins decided to invest in a property has to do with social change. "We want to bring more Black people upstate," said Coco. When they first set foot in the Catskills, Breezy remembers they didn't really see anybody that looked like them, and that needed to change. "We as Black people need to have ownership of land and a property," she said.

Scribner's Lodge
In Coco's words, "Scribner's is kind of a spot where you want to feel fabulous."

Coco and Breezy DJed here years ago and still remember feeling cozy as soon as they walked in. If you're not there to party, though, their food is amazing too. You can even sit next to the fire pit and chill with your friends, which is Coco and Breezy's favorite hangout spot.

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