Crochet Lady Demands Extra Subway Seat For Her Yarn

Published On 03/09/2015 Published On 03/09/2015

While it's probably not the most intense situation you've every seen on the subway, a video uploaded over the weekend by LiveLeak shows how things got pretty heated when a woman who was crocheting during her subway commute was asked to move her yarns and probably her elbows to make room for another human being who asked to sit down, you know, because they're just yarns.

The woman apparently claimed she "paid for two seats," according to the video's description on YouTube, which has us scratching our heads for several reasons. Luckily, the crochet standoff was cut short when the woman realized they were approaching her stop. Watch the fighting words fly right here:

(h/t Gothamist)

Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and, at this point, figures we are all just better off standing on the train. Follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick



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